Want to sing when you sing K? Eat a pear first!

By | March 15, 2019

In an interview with TV and newspaper reporters, the players revealed that eating a pear before the game is their “secret weapon”, the pear can play the effect of unvoiced sound At the same time, they can also add energy to them and ease tension.

Zhang Suge, a nutritionist at the Third People’s Hospital of Zhengzhou City, said that pears are sweet and sour, cold, and have the effects of fluid, heat, cough, phlegm, moistening, hangover, etc. Mouth sores and sore throat, drink pear juice or boiled pear soup, heat and go to the fire. Therefore, it is good for singing actors to eat more pears.

For the ordinary people, eating more pears is also a great way to protect the scorpion. Nowadays, many young people like to go to three or five friends and go to karaoke to sing. When ordering drinks, choose a cup of freshly squeezed Sydney juice. After drinking, you will definitely make your songs more beautiful.

Usually eat a pear every day at home, in the dry and windy spring, can obviously relieve the symptoms of dry throat, itching, pain, dumbness, constipation, urinary red and other symptoms in patients with upper respiratory tract infection; Pear is squeezed into pear juice, or add fat sea, winter melon seeds, rock sugar a little, boiled drink, it will help moisturize the throat and replenish the body fluid; pear water made with pear and honey or rock sugar is the nourishing Yin and lungs, Cough and nourishing good drink.

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