A few questions you need to know when practicing yoga at home

By | April 10, 2019

Introduction to the coach

Li Yi

Jinao Fitness Club Yoga Coach

Li Yi, a big boy with healthy sunshine After entering the yoga industry for 7 years, he believes that the most important thing in practicing yoga is meditation and breathing. The difficulty of the style is secondary.

A word for a friend who wants to learn or is practicing yoga:

Yoga for you is the best.

39 Health Net: At the moment, learning yoga has set off a wave of enthusiasm. Many students practice at home, is this okay?

Li: I practice yoga at home, good or bad, can’t be generalized. For a friend who is new to yoga, it is not suitable to practice at home alone. It is better to learn yoga after having a certain foundation, so that it is better to practice yoga at home.

39 Health Net: Why is it not good for beginners to practice yoga at home?

Li: I would say this because: because a beginner has no foundation, it is difficult to do the exercises with reference to books and CDs. Even if there are some good conditions, do it in the mirror. Many places can’t see, for example, the back, some movements are not in place, long-term exercises may cause sprains or strains, and serious cases will also suffer from "yoga disease", and second, "lazy" Because there is no supervision, practice at home, some people usually feel tired after training, they will relax themselves, such as interrupted, or simply stop to rest, so practicing yoga can not achieve any effect.

39 Health Net: Since beginners are not suitable for practicing yoga at home, why do basic students practice at home instead?

Li: First of all, after a period of study, most people do not have the above two problems. Everyone has a certain understanding of their own actions and strength.

Secondly, we know that yoga is best to take a fixed time every day to practice. Many people go to the hall every day for a fixed time to practice almost impossible because of going to work. Most of the club’s daily courses have different arrangements, which makes it impossible for us to practice yoga every day.

In addition, with some irregular health problems in the hall, such as the cleaning of yoga mats, it is not as clean as your own home, so qualified students are better to practice at home.

39 Health Net: Just mentioned that after a period of study, we are better at practicing yoga at home. How long is this time?

Li: This depends on individual circumstances. Generally speaking, students who have good savvy and strong learning ability can basically master the essentials in about 2 years.

39 Health Net: We practice yoga at home, what do you need to pay attention to?

Li: Practicing yoga at home, like practicing yoga in peacetime, pay attention to not eating for half an hour before practice, to maintain an empty stomach, and you need to pay special attention at home:

The first is that the environment must be quiet. When practicing at home, it is best to choose a quieter time at home and turn off the TV, because the noisy environment is very unfavorable for the practitioner to enter the state of meditation;

To choose rhythmically soothing music, music helps us practice. The best rhythm of the music chosen by the practitioner is between 50-60 beats per minute, because this rhythm is close to the heart rate when we practice yoga.

Third, the environment needs to be ventilated. We need a lot of fresh air when we practice, so it is important to keep the ventilation in the space. In particular, everyone should be reminded that when practicing yoga at home, do not open air conditioners.

39 Health Net: Doing yoga at home, what equipment is necessary for us? Do you need any textbooks or CD guides? Is there any good recommendation for everyone?

Li: First of all, a yoga mat is a must. Don’t practice on the mattress or the floor, it is easy to sprain. At present, the price of yoga mats on the market is high or low. It is recommended to use yoga mats that are more environmentally friendly, have good pressure resistance and anti-slip performance. As for the clothes worn during practice, you don’t have to buy professional yoga clothes. As long as the clothes are loose and flexible, the cloth absorbs sweat well. As for books and CDs, because there are so many varieties on the market, there are many books on a book about yoga in a publishing house. It is helpful to read these books and CDs for us to understand yoga, but it is recommended not to take a book casually. Practice, because each person’s physical condition is different, only the yoga that is most suitable for us is the best.

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