Beware of the four general cancers hidden in the bathroom

By | May 31, 2019

The famous American cancer scientist Dr. Mangos pointed out: “Many hygienic products in modern homes should be alarming because they contain carcinogenic chemicals! & Rdquo;

Man Dr. Gao Si is listed first is that people can not do without toilet paper every day. He said that toilet paper is mostly recycled paper. In order to beautify the appearance, most toilet papers have added dyes, including fluorescent whitening agents or talc. The whiter the toilet paper, the more fluorescent whitening agent or talcum powder may be added. These additives mostly contain compound benzene; some poor quality toilet papers also contain formaldehyde, E. coli, hepatitis virus and the like. Long-term contact with these substances may cause leukemia and cancer. Therefore, when purchasing toilet paper, it is necessary to use quality paper that is reliable and unbleached. It is better to rinse with warm water after using paper.

Now a lot of families like to put a box in the bathroom freshener, make the environment clean and pleasant. These flavors are also chemically synthesized and may also cause cancer. Dr. Mangos suggested that it is best not to place deodorants in the bathroom. To keep the air fresh, you can often open windows or use an exhaust fan.

Most families use disinfectant and other cleaning supplies, and often placed in the corner of the bedroom or bathroom. After they evaporate, they tend to accumulate a lot of harmful gases. When bathed in hot water in the bathroom, it is more toxic. Some disinfectants also contain dichlorobenzene, which can irritate the respiratory tract and cause cell variability to induce leukemia and lung cancer. Therefore, these sanitary products should not be stacked in the corners or in the bathroom. It is more suitable to put them on a well-ventilated drying station, and the sealing is good.

toilet at home, but also put a plastic wastebasket. Experts say: the paper basket in the toilet will greatly increase the speed of bacterial reproduction, making the bathroom a breeding ground for viruses and a source of infection. They think that ordinary paper items can be thrown into the toilet bowl and washed away with water; those that are difficult to wash out can be brought into the toilet and thrown into the toilet to throw them into the trash can, so that the bathroom is clean and pollution-free. There is no need to put a wastebasket in the toilet. In addition, the shorter the toilet time, the better. Those who like to read and read newspapers here should get rid of this problem.

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