Hot dyeing hair up to half a year

By | June 20, 2019

Hot dyed hair, too often will make our hair dry and broken. It is recommended that the frequency of hot or dyed should not exceed half a year. It is best not to do it at the same time.

Frequent hot dyeing is absolutely forbidden, otherwise it may cause irreparable damage to the hair, and it will also have a great stimulation to the scalp.

For hair that has been severely damaged, in addition to daily hair care, it is also recommended to use hair mask products regularly for intensive care of the hair. The frequency of shampooing in the fall is recommended once every 2~3 days. If the working environment is dusty, you can wash it once a day, because the accumulation of oil, sweat, dust and other dirt on the hair will gradually increase the damage to the hair.

Proper use of conditioner is also an important means of ensuring healthy hair.

1. After washing your hair, apply conditioner to your hands. The amount is usually long hair such as table tennis, short hair such as lychee size; 2. First apply some hair conditioner to the hair tip. , then apply the rest to the rest of the hair; 3. Use your fingers to comb the hair from the roots, feel the hair becomes smooth, if you don’t feel enough, you can increase the amount of conditioner; Stay and wash with water.

After shampooing, do not use a towel to wipe the wet hair, which will make the hair of the hair lift, peel off, and even tear the hair. Wrap the hair with a dry hair cap (or a dry absorbent towel) and let it dry naturally after a few minutes.

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