Clothes do not wash for two days: bacteria turn four times

By | March 8, 2019

The more jeans, the more punk, the better, the dirty stains look cooler, so some young jeans often wash once a few days or even a few weeks, but this habit It is very unsanitary because the bacteria multiply and threaten your health.

Professor Guan Yuanzhi, a microbiologist at Peking Union Medical College, said that the more activities you wear when wearing a certain piece of clothing, the longer you wear it without washing, the more bacteria will multiply. According to a survey of student uniforms, the amount of bacteria on the uniforms that were not washed for two days was four times more than the amount of bacteria in the school uniforms that were changed every day, although the degree of dirty eyes was similar.

The reporter learned that Guan Guan’s point of view was published at a press conference on the school uniforms for primary and secondary school students. The conference was jointly organized by the washing products Tide and China Union Medical University. After research by experts, it has been found that hygiene practices such as hand washing and bathing have begun to be paid attention to by primary and secondary school students and their parents, but the concept of changing clothes frequently needs to be improved. It seems that it is not uncommon to see that the clothes are not dirty, the clothes are not washed, the clothes are dry, and the clothes can be worn. It is not uncommon. Professor Guan said that after taking a shower and wearing a dirty day, it is basically the same as taking a bath and washing clothes. It may breed harmful components such as Staphylococcus aureus, mold, and spores, which may threaten people’s bodies.

In addition, some single aristocrats or small families because of the small number of people, dirty clothes accumulate and wash together, this approach is also very inappropriate from a professional microbiological point of view, Professor Guan said that in this case, Bacteria on dirty clothes will not only continue to breed, but also contaminate clothes that are not so dirty, resulting in a multiplication, which threatens human health.

Using bacteria to wash clothes "clean"clean

In our knowledge, washing clothes not only washes away dirty spots, but also sterilizes them. . The Alex Fowler research team at the University of Massachusetts, USA, used some specific bacteria to “eat” the smell of sweat on the clothes. The Fowler research team’s approach is to develop a hollow-shaped Milkweed fiber end that is joined together, and then a few drops of E. coli-containing glue into the hollow fiber. Let E. coli multiply. Fowler is now able to grow hundreds of bacteria such as E. coli in fiber.

Of course, the E.coli screened by Fowler is harmless to the human body, and these E. coli are modified to produce a protein similar to the jellyfish fluorescent protein. Researchers can use the fluorescence monitor to control the growth of E. coli in the fiber tube. So far, Fowler has found that when food is cut off, E. coli is dormant, and once it is replenished, they are actively breeding.

With the above concept, Flower is applied to laundry. If the shirt is filled with special bacteria beforehand, when the body sweats or the protein that causes body odor is peeled off, the bacteria get the food source, so they start to “eat” the clothes; when the clothes are completely clean, they say that they have broken the grain. The bacteria appear to be dormant.

Of course, wearing a dress full of special bacteria, some people will feel weird, but we have not been filled with many beneficial bacteria in our intestines!

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