Why does the skin itch in winter?

By | May 14, 2019

Why does the skin itch in winter?

In winter, the weather becomes cold and the air becomes dry. At this time, many people have itchy skin, especially when they just take off their clothes before going to sleep at night, they are very itchy from the arms to the legs. what on earth is this kind of happenings?

Originally, the climate in autumn and winter is cold, and sebaceous gland secretions are difficult to discharge to the body surface. Scientific tests have shown that the fat secreted by the human sebaceous glands is

The point is around 30 degrees Celsius. In the cold season, the skin fat is almost solidified, so the discharge is more difficult, which makes people Dry skin is more noticeable in winter. Especially in the elderly, with the increase of age, the metabolic function gradually declines, and the secretion of the sebaceous glands is deregulated due to the decrease of endocrine, so the skin will be dry and itchy. Moreover, the activity function of the skin sweat gland is significantly reduced compared with the young adult, and the sweat discharge is reduced, so that the surface of the skin lacks moisture. In the relatively dry winter, the skin will of course be drier and more itchy.

The famous comic artist Ma Sanli once said that a comic dialogue called “Ancestral Secrets” is widely spread. It is said that someone is itching and spending a lot of money to buy a secret recipe. The medicine is layered. The parcel is very strict. It tears off the layer and peels off the three layers to the fourth floor. The last layer reveals a small note with only two words: scratching.

What about itch? Scratch! —— This seems to be the answer that is universal and natural.

People are itchy, hand-to-hand, even if the fingers are not in the corner, there are itch scratches (old man music) to save the car in time, so “sand” rdquo; a few times, troubles retreat, all through the Thai. However, when itching, it catches a few times. Although it can be solved quickly, it is often scratched, especially with itching, but it has ruined the skin pruritus. The knife cuts off the water and flows more, and the toast is more embarrassing.

Chasing the source, itching is caused by chemicals, bacteria, parasites, abnormal metabolites and skin inflammation, chemical fiber fabrics, etc. from inside and outside the body, stimulating the abnormal feeling caused by the nerve receptors in the skin. Moreover, itching and pain are produced by the same peripheral nerve receptor located in the dermal papilla, but because of the difference in the severity of the stimulus, it is itchy and the pain is heavy.

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