How to choose the right condom

By | July 7, 2019

Condom buy medium

I bought a condom that is not fit. It is not because the size is too large to reduce the contraceptive function. It is because the number is too small and the blood circulation of the penis is blocked, causing the penis to be weak in the middle. Do not ejaculate. Because of the different physical characteristics of people in different regions, condoms also have different sizes.

In China, condoms are usually divided into large, medium and small.

Socket diameter

Large size is 35 mm

Medium is 33 mm

Small size is 31 mm

Width< Br>

In the width, according to the international common standard, the sleeve is pulled apart and flattened, and the width of the section is measured.

Large size is 55 mm

Medium size 52 mm

Small size is 49 mm

Tip: When purchasing condoms, most men can Buy medium products directly. You can also use a thin wire to circle the middle part of the penis after full erection, and then measure the length of the line, that is, the circumference of the penis, and then divide by 2, the penis width is obtained, and then the condom closest to its own data is purchased according to the calculation result.

Some people are worried that the length of the condom is not enough. In fact, in terms of length, the products of the East and West have reserved a large space, and there is no certain standard. (Tsinghua University Yuquan Hospital Yang Dazhong)

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