Eating hot pot in winter is easy to cause hair loss

By | April 23, 2019

Recently, as the weather gets colder, the hot and spicy hot pot becomes the darling on the table. Just like the description in Bai Juyi’s “Question 19”: & ldquo; green ant new alcohol, red mud small stove. Can you drink a cup of coffee in the evening? & rdquo; Indeed, in the cold wind of the hustle and bustle, the three-five relatives and friends sitting around the furnace, asking the world to ask questions, is really a joy of life. However, while enjoying life, don’t overlook the health effects of diet and lifestyle.

Many people have this feeling. It is especially prone to hair loss after too much pressure or staying up late. In fact, the balance of dietary nutrition, vitamin and mineral supply, spicy, fat, sugar Ingestion has a direct and obvious effect on the hair, especially the frequent consumption of spicy, greasy hot pot (including mala Tang), as well as over-flavored dishes, have been confirmed to have an adverse effect on hair growth, and even directly cause hair loss.

Of course, not all people who eat these foods will cause hair loss, mainly for those who have spleen and stomach heat. Because the hair grows and falls off, moisturizes and wither, mainly depends on the kidney essence and the nourishment of the liver blood, so there is a saying that “being a bloody”. If there is insufficient blood in the liver and kidney, the Chinese medicine term is called “Land and Kidney Yin Deficiency”, which is particularly prone to hair loss at this time. If a person with a big stomach is often eating spicy food such as hot pot or mala, it will consume yin and blood, resulting in insufficient blood in the liver and kidney. This is like “burning oil on fire”, naturally it is easy to cause hair. The shedding.

In addition, too salty or too spicy food will reduce the intake of vitamins, causing the hair follicles to shrink and cause dryness; while a large number of oily foods will cause the secretion of sebaceous glands to be too strong. And blocking hair follicles; these are the causes of hair loss, so, in order to have a healthy and beautiful hair, it is best to eat less or limit the consumption of hot pot or spicy food such as spicy food.

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