Winter cashmere sweaters are as dry as possible

By | August 3, 2019

Winter skin is sensitive to dryness and prone to allergic reactions. According to the Metropolitan Women’s Daily, some winter allergies are caused by cashmere sweaters. When washing cashmere sweaters and underwear that are worn close to you, it is best not to dry clean. When washing, choose an environmentally friendly detergent, and pay attention to rinsing clean to prevent residual detergent from irritating the skin.

Many people like to dry-clean cashmere sweaters and cashmere underwear, but I don’t know that the detergent used in dry cleaning is mostly tetrachloroethylene, gasoline, etc., which is harmful to human health. After the dry cleaning, the clothes should be dried, and the chemical detergent should be volatilized before it can be worn. However, it is very difficult to achieve rapid evaporation in winter.

Some surfactants for dry cleaning agents can damage the stratum corneum of the skin and cause rough skin. In addition to absorbing water, the alkaline substances of strong detergent can damage the cell membrane of the human body and denature tissue proteins. The organic chlorine and fluorescent agents are toxic substances. Therefore, when washing close-fitting clothing, try to choose a washing product with simple function, less added ingredients and light odor. When washing clothes, try to take a gentle hand wash with cold water. (刘洋)

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