Eating chicken tonic is not suitable for everyone

By | August 2, 2019

Chicken soup has a good health care effect

Chicken has a great medicinal value, and the folks have the reputation of “Ji Shi Liang Yao”. Chinese medicine believes that chicken has the effect of warming the vital energy, replenishing the essence, replenishing the marrow, benefiting the five internal organs, and supplementing the deficiency.

It can be used for spleen and stomach qi deficiency, yang deficiency, fatigue, phlegm, edema, postpartum milk, weak and dizzy Adjustment, for the lack of kidney essence caused by frequent urination, deafness, fine and cold and other symptoms have a good auxiliary effect.

When using chicken tonic, it is necessary to pay attention to the difference between male and female: male chicken, its nature is yang, warming effect is stronger, more suitable for yang deficiency and weak patients; female chicken is yin, more suitable for maternal, Old and frail and chronically ill and eaten.

The nutritional value of chicken is superior to that of grass chicken, and black-bone chicken is especially good for chicken. There are many ways to eat chicken. It is cooked, steamed, marinated, and air-dried. In addition to chicken and chicken soup, chicken liver, chicken kidney, chicken heart, chicken gall, chicken gold, etc. have a good health care role. Such as chicken liver with liver, nourishing, eye-catching effect, suitable for vision loss, night blindness, anemia patients; chicken heart has a calming effect, suitable for patients with heart palpitations, virtual annoyance; chicken gallbladder has the role of heat, detoxification, Cholecystitis and pertussis patients are effective; chicken internal gold has the effect of strengthening the spleen and nourishing the stomach and digestion, and has a good therapeutic effect on indigestion and abdominal distension.

But eating chicken tonic is not for everyone. Chicken is rich in protein. In order to avoid aggravating the burden on the kidney, uremia patients are fasted; chicken is warm, in order to avoid heat, high fever patients and patients with stomach heat and noisy fasting; high phosphorus content in chicken, in order to avoid affecting iron Absorption, do not eat chicken when taking iron. The last thing you need to remind everyone is that the chicken’s buttocks are bacteria, viruses and carcinogens. “Warehouse” is not to be eaten.

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