There are a few well-known beauty foods

By | July 30, 2019

There are many beauty foods, but the following are not known to many people.

Drink more milk when cracked nails

When malnutrition is bad, nails will break and break. At this time, you should drink more milk and eat more seaweed food to supplement calcium and gelatinous nutrition. When washing dishes, remember to wear rubber gloves. You can also apply a cream to keep your nails smooth and moist.

Healthy fruit and beauty for breakfast

Fruit is a saint of beauty and health. Because the fruit itself contains enzymes, if you want the enzyme to work directly in the body, it is best to consider the time of consumption. Eat fruit in the morning, the fruit you eat is like the value of gold; only eat at noon, it can only be equal to silver; as for the fruit at night, it is only equivalent to copper. Eating fruit for breakfast, the benefits are significant, and more delicious, eating fruit after a meal can help digestion, the benefits are endless.

A cup of water before going to bed helps beauty

Before going to bed, you should drink a glass of water anyway. This cup of water is very cosmetic. When you fall asleep, the glass of water can penetrate into every cell. After the cells absorb water, the skin is more delicate and delicate.

It is best to use honey when the lips are dry or cracked.

When the lips are dry or peeled, carefully let the honey penetrate into the lips before going to bed, and then apply lip balm. After a few days, the lips will return to soft and smooth. But the best policy is to drink plenty of water, and don’t forget the supply of starch.

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