Six sports keep you away from the waist and pain

By | June 12, 2019

The strain on the back and back muscles is a problem that many office workers have to face. In addition to paying attention to your posture at work, and often getting up and stretching, your bedroom can also become a gym, don’t just lie down and exercise.

Section 1:

Lying on the bed, holding your right leg with your hands, approaching your right knee toward your chest, head to your right knee, stop for 5 seconds, change to the other side, repeat 10 times.

Section 2:

Sitting on the plate, leaning forward, stretching the upper arm until you feel the muscles pulled to the back, stop for 5 seconds, before returning to the sitting position, you can first elbow Put it on your lap and slowly lift the body up and repeat it 5 times.

Section 3:

Sitting posture, legs bent over the chest, chin to the chest, then slowly lie back, rolling back and forth, relax, repeat 5 times.

Section 4:

Run your limbs on the floor or bed, tighten your chin on your chest, bow your back, stop for 5 seconds, relax, repeat 10 times.

Section 5:

Lying on the bed, flatten your back on the bed, close your legs, turn your knees to the right, stop for 5 seconds, then turn your knees to the left Relax and repeat 10 times.

Section 6:

Lying on the bed, support the waist with both hands, slowly take the leg over the head until you feel it is pulled to the waist, relax, repeat 5 times

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