Little coup to get rid of hair loss troubles

By | May 11, 2019

The occurrence of alopecia areata is related to the liver and kidney. The liver is packed with blood and kidney, and the hair growth depends on the essence and blood. Therefore, it is said that if the blood function of the liver is insufficient, or Less kidney deficiency, less blood, will cause hair loss.

1, using massage techniques to promote hair growth

The motherland medicine believes that the occurrence of alopecia areata is related to the liver and kidneys, liver blood, kidney essence, hair growth depends on fine and blood, so It is said that if the blood function of the liver is insufficient, or if the kidney is less spleen and the blood is not produced, it will cause hair loss. According to this theory of TCM theory, the use of massage therapy can replenish the liver and kidney, promote sperm and promote blood circulation, and make the hair grow long and shiny.

The massage method is as follows:

The first section: the operator uses both hands to push the abdominal pressure on the sides of the spine on both sides of the spine, that is, the ninth thoracic spine is 1.5 inches apart. : The book’s “inch” is a pointer to the bones of the dropout, the same below), so that the patient feels that the acupoint is a little sore, then the operator’s wrist is relaxed, the forearm is actively swinging, driving the wrist and The palm finger is swayed 100 times clockwise, and the technique should be gentle and gentle. Then use the same method to press the Shenshushu point, which is 1.5 inches under the spinous process of the second lumbar spine.

Section 2: Press the acupoints with the right thumb and the abdomen, that is, 2 inches above the upper corner of the tibia of the right lower limb. When the patient feels sore, he will move clockwise 20 times. Then use the left thumb to press the left blood hole, the same way.

Section 3: Use the right thumb to press the right Sanyinjiao acupoints, that is, 3 inches in the right lower extremity. When the patient feels sore, he will be shaken 20 times clockwise. Then use the left thumb to press the left Sanyinjiao on the left side of the thumb. The method is the same.

Section 4: Press the right middle finger to press the top of the skull in the middle of the Baihui point. When you feel sore, make a clockwise movement 20 times.

Section 5: Press the middle finger of the middle finger to press the cusp thick and straight down the concave pool between the hidden and the mastoid. When you feel sore, make a clockwise movement 20 times.

In addition to the above-mentioned massage therapy, it can also be used with ginger to gently wipe off the hair, 2 to 3 times a day, to maintain an optimistic mental state, adequate sleep, appropriate use of kidney and nourishing blood, Shugan Jieyu Ingredients such as nourishing blood and soothing syrup, Qi Ju Di Huang Wan and so on. Usually after 2 months of treatment and conditioning, the original bare scalp will grow black hair again.

2, practice & ldquo; Wufa solid hair loss & rdquo; treatment of hair loss

& ldquo; Ufa solidification method & rdquo; is a category of massage therapy, often practice drills, can correct neurological disorders, promote The blood circulation of the scalp and the nutrient absorption of the hair make the hair black and bright, free from falling off, and have good effects on alopecia areata and male pattern baldness. This method can be performed by the surgeon, and patients with hair loss can also practice on their own.

The practice method is as follows:

(1) Sit on the back, the operator uses the thumb to press the three-legged Sanyinjiao (three inches on the medial malleolus, the posterior edge of the humerus). A strong soreness is appropriate for 30 seconds.

(2) Sit on the back, the operator pushes the inner side of the thigh and the inside of the lower leg of the patient’s lower limbs with the palm of your hand. Pushing from bottom to top, first push from the inner iliac to the inner knee, repeated several times, to have a sense of heat; then push from the inner knee to the root of the thigh, repeated several times until local fever.

(3) Sitting, the operator stands on the anterior side of the patient, and after one hand holds the patient’s head, the other hand uses four fingers to make a combing motion on the top and sides of the head. When combing, the nails of the four fingers are best to scrape the scalp, but not too heavy, about 60 seconds.

(4) Sitting, the surgeon holds the patient’s head in one hand, and the other hand rubs his hair with the palm of his hand, focusing on the hair loss area, moderate strength, and partial fever.

(5) Sitting, the operator holds the top of the patient’s head with one hand, and the other hand presses the thumb of the patient’s neck with the thumb (in the depression between the posterior mastoid and the posterior neck of the tendon) ), the food, the middle finger presses the other side of the wind pool, and the clamp is pressed against the clamp to pinch the muscle between the two wind pools, and a tight and loose pinching action is gradually performed, and gradually moved down to Dazhui (next to the seventh cervical spine). So go up and down, and repeatedly squeeze the neck muscles for 60 seconds, the intensity is light and easy.

(6) Sitting, the surgeon’s five fingers are separated, and the fingers are bent into a curved shape, and the five fingers are used to focus on the periphery of the patient’s hair loss, and a tight and loose gripping action is performed (such as Grab the ball in the hand) and gradually move around, about 60 seconds.

(7) Rubbing the spring, that is, rubbing the two sides of the foot with the one hand and the small springs (located in the sole of the foot, the toe is concave when it is bent downward), to have a sense of heat Deep penetration is appropriate.

3, wearing a wig is good for the treatment of alopecia areata

Among the factors that cause hair loss, psychosocial factors and personality factors have a great influence, some people refer to alopecia areata as “cardiac baldness” Send & rdquo;. Heart disease and heart disease, alopecia areata can be treated, many patients can be cured after eliminating psychological factors, of course, there are individual cases of repeated attacks, long-term cure. If the patient suffers psychologically, the mental burden is heavy, and the confidence is gradually lost to the treatment, it will inevitably lead to an increase in symptoms. In this case, the patient can first install a wig to reduce the mental burden, which will help the treatment.

On the other hand, due to the increase in heat on the scalp caused by the wig, the local blood circulation is improved, the blood flow is increased, and nutrients and oxygen are also increased, thereby providing favorable conditions for hair regeneration. After wearing a wig, individual patients have local reactions such as itching and fever in hair loss, but at the same time, the scalp blood vessels are dilated, and the local blood circulation is increased, which may stimulate cells and promote fur growth.

Patients with alopecia areata can choose to wear the hair piece. When choosing, pay attention to the wig and the true hair color. If the hair loss is serious or the whole bald can use the wig.

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