6 kinds of tricks “Qingchang” Each Shentong

By | June 9, 2019

Experts found that: 80% of the toxins in the intestines, and about 20% are found in the pores of the blood and lymph, etc., to ensure the cleanliness of the intestines, toxins The physical crisis has solved most of the problem.

stool to subvert the beautiful root of all evil

figures show: modern, urban people, especially the amount of defecation and 20 years ago, down about 20% compared to our intestines positive With the pressure brought by the unprecedented stool, the bowel experiment found that after removing the stool from the intestine and losing 1 to 15 kilograms of weight, it seems that the bowel movement is urgent, and it is urgent to stop it.

It is a stool that has been left in the body for a long time. As the age increases, the intestinal peristalsis is weakened. Modern people eat more meat and fat foods, which further inhibits the peristalsis of the intestines. It is easier to accumulate the stools. If it is not cleaned up in time, even the fecal stone deposits will accumulate in the intestines for a long time. The harmful thing that the organ that should be drained has become a trash can is that it is repeatedly absorbed by the intestinal wall and reaches the various parts of the body with the circulation of the body, causing the toxic substances in the body to increase, leading to people. The complexion is dull, the spots are acne fine wrinkles, the pores are dilated, the skin becomes rough, etc. Cleaning up the stool can improve constipation and eliminate the odor of the mouth on the acne facial color Black spots and other therapeutic effects, can also clear intestinal fat, light body health to prevent colorectal cancer to regulate human immunity Traditional Chinese medicine warns: want to be disease-free, intestinal slag, want to live longer, the intestines often clear the ancient West, as early as In the Hippocrates era, there were records of the treatment of certain diseases with the intestines.

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