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By | June 10, 2019

How much oil temperature should I control when cooking TIPS? Is it true that “the oil is not bad” & rdquo;? “What is the impact on the person in the end?” The seemingly simple home kitchen problem is actually about the family’s diet, health and nutrition.

1, the meat should not be prematurely put salt: the main component of salt, sodium chloride, easy to make the protein in the meat coagulate, so that the meat is reduced, the meat is hard, and not easy Burnt.

2, the oil pan should not be burnt too much: often eat fried vegetables that are too hot, easy to produce low sour stomach or stomach ulcers, if not treated in time will also occur cancer.

3, meat, bone burning bogey add cold water: meat, bone contains a lot of protein and fat, suddenly add cold water during cooking, the temperature of the soup is reduced, protein and fat will quickly solidify, The gap between meat and bone will also shrink and not rot. And the umami taste of the meat and bone itself will also be affected.

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