Just drinking water and rushing to measure body temperature

By | April 15, 2019

Body temperature is an important basis for disease judgment, but not everyone will measure body temperature correctly. It is not advisable to measure body temperature after drinking boiled water, eating within half an hour, and strenuous exercise.

When using the sputum meter to measure body temperature, pay attention to the following points: First, grab the head of the thermometer glass rod before measuring the body temperature, and smash the mercury column on the thermometer to below 35 degrees. The second is to wipe the sweat from the armpits first, put the thermometer into the center of the armpit, clamp with the arm, close to the skin, and take it out after 5 minutes. Third, when viewing the measured value, the thermometer should be leveled. Do not touch the mercury with one hand, then slowly turn the thermometer. When you see the thick mercury column, you can read the corresponding temperature value.

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