The correct usage of toiletries is

By | April 24, 2019

Various brands of toiletries, toothpaste and other hygiene products are available. But it is between our intentions that we have made some intellectual mistakes without knowing it. The result may leave us a security risk. The following little knowledge, I hope that we can learn about the use of toiletries in the future.

Bubble Bath

Foam in Bubble Bath

Many young women don’t like soaping showers, but prefer to lie in the bathtub to take a bubble bath. Most of the substances in the soap are taken from natural products. However, the foaming agent used in the bubble bath is not. It is very fragrant, but the flavoring agent may cause inflammation and dizziness of the skin. When lying in the bathtub for a long time, the body is exposed to the foaming agent, and the harmful chemical components contained therein are stable. The agent will penetrate into the skin and breathe into the lungs.

Expert Tips: Try to take less bubble bath and use shower gel. Vegetable oil soap is a good choice.


Don’t squeeze too much toothpaste

Gum disease can cause heart disease, which is more harmful to heart health than smoking and cholesterol. In addition, gum disease increases the risk of stroke, osteoporosis, respiratory disease, diabetes, and the like. There are several active ingredients in toothpaste that are worrying. The widely used chemical in toothpaste “sodium lauryl sulfate” is thought to cause gastrointestinal problems and liver poisoning; it will make the mouth more prone to ulceration and suffering from oral cancer. Abrasives in toothpaste are also believed to damage the gums and make the gums more vulnerable.

Expert Tips: When brushing your teeth, don’t think that the more toothpaste, the better, don’t squeeze too much; don’t brush your teeth frequently, control three times a day.

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