The color of the tongue coating can reflect the health of the organs

By | August 1, 2019

When people wake up early, they often find their own tongue coating, sometimes white, sometimes yellow, sometimes thin, sometimes thick, most people will find a way to scrape, but the next morning, wake up again I feel very strange.

Tongue diagnosis belongs to the category of traditional Chinese medicine, mainly to observe the tongue, tongue coating and overall charm. Different parts belong to different organs, so the tongue can faithfully reflect the health of the internal organs and has a diagnosis. the value of. Therefore, people can roughly judge what is wrong with their body according to their recent tongue performance, and then adjust from the eating habits and other aspects, so that the body can be restored to health, it is not suitable to scrape, because “the tongue is the seedling of the heart”, often The scraping of the tongue is easy to hurt and can’t solve the problem.

There are two common types of tongue in clinical practice:

Reddish tongue and white thick tongue coating

The most common cause of this tongue is spleen, mainly It is a dysfunction of the digestive system of the spleen and stomach, which is caused by poor metabolism of water. In addition to thick white moss at this time, there may be intestinal flatulence, indigestion, loss of appetite, throat sputum, loose stools, no face, white face, thin or puffy, weak muscles, and other symptoms; female patients Or see more leucorrhea.

This kind of situation is recommended to eat as much as possible, eat more glutinous rice, grains, lotus seeds, yam and other foods, and choose rice as the main food, borrow the gas, to help the spleen and stomach, eat less greasy sweets, Watermelon, pear, orange, Chinese cabbage, bitter gourd, melon, celery, white radish, cantaloupe, persimmon and other cold foods; glutinous rice is also taboo because it is not easy to digest.

In addition, we must pay attention to the excessive intake of water, so as not to increase the wetness of the water, and then with appropriate exercise, after a period of time, the digestive system will return to normal water transport, and the condition of the tongue will improve.

In conditioning, focus on spleen and dampness, often use ginseng, medlar, atractylodes, atractylodes, tangerine peel, pinellia, ginger, coix seed, yam, lotus seeds and other drugs.

Dark red tongue and yellow thick tongue coating

This kind of tongue is mostly the expression of damp heat in the stomach. The main reason is that except for the wet weight of the spleen, the stomach fire is also large, wet and The heat is blocked inside. In addition to the yellow and thick tongue coating, the patient often sees bad breath, dry mouth, red lips, constipation or stool induration, short red urine, even irritability, insomnia, emotional temper, etc. It is recommended to eat more watermelon, winter melon, Chinese cabbage, bitter gourd and fresh vegetables, or red beans, mung bean soup, etc., cool and wet food. To avoid eating onions, ginger, garlic, peppers, tonics, or spirits, fried barbecues and other hot and easy to get angry food, sweet foods should also eat less or not eaten, so as not to cause fire.

At the same time, with adequate sleep, after a period of time, the spleen and stomach will improve, and the thick yellow tongue will naturally disappear and the tone will become fresh.

In conditioning, it is mainly used for dampness and heat removal. It is often used for jaundice, berberine, rhubarb, cork, gypsum, and Zhimu heat-clearing fire, with sputum, atractylodes, atractylodes, talc, psyllium, and tangerine peel. .

It should be noted that if the above two kinds of tongues and symptoms are different from the above, or if they have not improved the condition of the tongue after some changes in life and diet, there may be other reasons or more complicated diseases. At this time, it is necessary for a professional Chinese doctor to further discuss the treatment through four consultations.

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