20 small methods Instantly lower skin temperature

By | March 20, 2019

In hot summer, the humidity rises sharply, the skin temperature is too high, resulting in lack of water, strong oil secretion … … How to replenish hunger and thirsty skin in the summer? The following 20 simple and easy ways can help you instantly lower your skin temperature and bring coolness to your skin.

1. Refreshing fragrance, the innocent taste of childhood

If the hot weather is accompanied by a strong taste, it will make people feel irritated and depressed, so your perfume has to follow the season. & rdquo; strain. In the summer, don’t spray the scented perfumes, choose some refreshing fragrances with fruits and forests, and create a sweet and pure atmosphere.

2. Cool and sweat-free, I have my own tricks

From the various antiperspirant products on the market, choose the one that suits you, apply it every morning before going out, although not Really "no sweat", but it can help you avoid the harassment of sweat.

3. Moisturizing spray that cools down at any time

Sun, hot air & hellip; … skin is so hot that it is so hot? At this time, moisturizing spray is the fastest cooling agent for skin, at a distance Spray the spray evenly on the face at 15 cm on the face, then gently dry it with a soft tissue, and the skin will instantly cool.

Money saving tips: You can prepare a small watering can and put on a normal alcohol-free lotion. The effect is the same, you don’t have to buy it!

4. Moisturizing mask, skin A guest ice cream

Summer mask is definitely a kind of enjoyment compared with winter, wet and cool, it is really comfortable for a day of skin! And the moisturizing mask can be fast, Adequately replenish moisture to the skin. It is recommended that you put the mask in the refrigerator for ten minutes before applying it, and you can feel the coolness of your heart.

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