Lose the fat of the abdomen

By | June 20, 2019

It is because you usually don’t like sports, but also love sweets and ice drinks, so that the body’s metabolic speed is reduced, causing the fat in the upper abdomen! Come and see How can I wake up the lazy worm in the beauty body!

Training Difficulty: ***

Training Outline: Accelerating Body Metabolism


Switch to Brown Sugar or Honey instead of White Sugar, Metabolic Comparison it is good.

Because the white sugar is too refined now, it is not natural! If you take too much, it will hinder the metabolism of calcium in the body, so that the internal organs can be reduced, making you fat! Especially the juice and cake are white. Sugar, to be thin and beautiful, you can be careful!


Stealing time and exercise, thin and natural.

Take a bath or foot bath 3 times a week, blood circulation is good, and skinny is faster. Note: It is best to take a bath or foot bath three times a week to make the beauty healthy and tender and tender!

Multi-bath or foot bath (bubbling) is a good way to accelerate metabolism and promote blood circulation. Can improve the beauty of the hands and feet are always cold, but also let the beauty have a red apple face!

The so-called thinning is going to move, although the beauty is lazy when you hear the movement, but we can use a lot of time ex, take the bus, climb the stairs, writers, walk … … to increase the amount of exercise Oh!

To promote the metabolism of the body, but not for three days to fish for two days, because the body’s metabolism has an inertia, it must continue to slowly accelerate its rate, so the beauty of the slimming exercise can not If you continue, you will be mad at it!

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