It is not advisable for children to swim for an hour after a meal.

By | March 17, 2019

Summer vacation is coming, many people love to take their children to swim, both fitness and summer. But experts advise that children should not be allowed to swim within an hour after a meal.

According to experts from the Yunnan Red Cross Health and Training Center, swimming for one hour after a meal can avoid dizziness and vomiting. Just after eating the gastrointestinal digestion food itself needs to consume physical energy, plus swimming needs to consume more physical energy, so just after eating the meal, swimming body energy consumption is very large, easily lead to dizziness, and even dizziness after landing will continue for a while. And the food that has just been eaten has not been digested. When swimming, the water is pressed against the stomach and can cause vomiting.

At the same time, after a child’s strenuous exercise or heavy labor and hunger, physical strength is not strong, and it is not suitable to swim.

In addition, children should carefully choose swimming places when swimming, and prepare for activities before entering the water, which is conducive to children swimming safely. And should also inform the underage children, “discover that some people drowning, do not rush to rescue, first of all should call out to adults to help.” ”

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