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By | March 23, 2019

First, it is not advisable to drink too much tea

Pregnant women should not drink too much tea, too thick, because theophylline (caffeine) in tea has excitatory effects, which will increase fetal movement and even harm fetal growth and development. .

Second, should not drink too much drink

Because some beverages contain 2.4%-2.6% caffeine, alkaloids such as clonidine, pregnant women will have nausea, vomiting, headache, and heartbeat after drinking. The symptoms of poisoning affect the normal development of important organs such as the fetal brain, heart and liver, causing congenital diseases after birth.

Third, not more vinegar

Too much vinegar and acidic foods are one of the culprit leading to teratogenicity. Especially in the first half of pregnancy, a large amount of acidic foods can reduce the alkalinity of the body, causing fatigue and weakness. The long-term acidic constitution not only causes the mother to suffer from certain diseases, but most importantly, it affects the normal growth and development of the fetus, and may even cause fetal malformation.

Fourth, should not drink alcohol

Because the wine contains ethanol, it has certain toxicity to the human brain, liver and heart. It can enter the fetus through the placenta, making the baby mentally retarded after birth, with a special face, short body, and severe mental retardation.

V. It is not advisable to eat more hawthorn

Modern medical research has confirmed that hawthorn has a contraction effect on women’s uterus. If pregnant women consume a large amount of hawthorn and its products, it will stimulate uterine contraction, which can lead to serious abortion.

Six, should not eat hot spices

After eating, eat cumin, anise, pepper, cinnamon, pepper, allspice and other hot spices, as well as fried, fried and other hot foods It is easy to consume intestinal water, which reduces the secretion of gastrointestinal glands and causes constipation. After constipation occurs, the pregnant woman exerts defecation, which increases the abdominal pressure and oppresses the fetus in the uterus. It is easy to cause fetal dysphoria, fetal malformation, premature amniocentesis, spontaneous abortion, premature birth and other adverse consequences.

VII, should not eat too much fritters

fritters contain a certain amount of alum, and alum is an aluminum-containing organic matter. Aluminum can invade the fetal brain through the placenta, making it a brain disorder and increasing the incidence of dementia.

VIII, should not use too much medicine

3 weeks to 3 months of pregnancy, is the embryonic organ formation period, at this time the fetus is very sensitive to the role of drugs. According to clinical investigations, certain drugs can cause fetal malformations, such as prednisone, streptomycin, aspirin, amylamine (Anning), diazepam, tetracycline, chloramphenicol, and long-acting sulfonamides. If the pregnant woman must take it, it should be applied under the guidance of a specialist.

IX, should not be too much contact with detergent

Detergent linear alkyl iodate, alcohol and other chemical components, can destroy and cause degeneration and necrosis of fertilized eggs. Especially in the early pregnancy, if you are exposed to various detergents (washing powder, shampoo, detergent, etc.), the chemical components will be absorbed by the skin and accumulated in the body, which will denature the outer cells of the fertilized egg. , leading to miscarriage.

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