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The high temperature in summer, but also ignited the ambition to lose weight! In order to lose weight, you must have read a lot of weight loss knowledge, you already know that you need to eat less I also know that I have to be careful about high-calorie foods and drink 2000cc of water every day.

But the effect doesn’t seem to be very good, the weight has not been lowered, how can this be? It is very likely that your weight loss knowledge is only half right!

1. When you lose weight, completely Do not touch fat? Wrong!

In fact, the body’s intake of fat is indispensable.

Because the right amount of fat helps in the intake of certain nutrients, such as vitamins E, A, K, etc., and fat is also very helpful for the normal functioning of the immune system and nervous system.

In addition, fat can make you feel more full, so it is recommended that your daily fat intake should be 30% of total calorie intake.

2. Order more chicken, because the minimum fat? Not necessarily 喔~

This is not necessarily! This must also see how much you eat and how.

Many restaurants use a lot of fried or fried dishes. It is recommended that you choose roast chicken, white-cut chicken, and Shaoxing drunk chicken when ordering. These are very low-calorie chicken dishes! Forgot, don’t pick up the sauce, use a small dish and put it aside.

3. Can diet pills burn fat quickly? No!

These weight-loss drugs usually contain ephedrine. If taken alone, it will cause harm to the body. If you take it with caffeine, This can be fatal! Because the two mix, the heart beats faster and is prone to heart disease.

In fact, most diet pills are given to people who are getting fat because of illness, or people with a body mass (BMI) higher than 30, because these fat people may be caused by obesity. other illnesses.

So before taking these medicines, you must consult your doctor before you can take them.

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