Scented text is poisonous, may cause leukemia

By | April 11, 2019

There was a news that a stationery was hurting people: a 5-year-old girl from Guilin, Guangxi, caused a burn in the esophagus because she was eating the correction fluid. Is the toxicity of stationery really so strong?

 You smell, this smell is too stunned. If you run into a cold, this smell can make you breathless! & rdquo; Mr. Cui, who works in a cultural company, told reporters yesterday with a thick black pen.

He also told reporters that his son and his classmates all have such a scented pen, as well as a chemically strong correction fluid or scented rubber. “I don’t know if children’s long-term use of these things will be harmful to the body? ” He worried.

teacher: the smell of hard to hear on the job this

Beijing No. 80 Middle School survey. In the student’s pencil case, the reporter saw that in addition to stationery such as pens and rulers, new stationery such as red, yellow and green highlighters, correction fluids, and modified tapes are almost necessary for manpower. There are also four or five pieces of various scented rubber in the pencil case.

Yang, a classmate of Gaoyi 3, took his own correction fluid, highlighter and various rubbers and said: “Those things can be altered and focused. Now students use these in class.” ”

“ The white of the work piece looks particularly dazzling. “The teacher said that the correction fluid was not only uncomfortable in the heart, but in the process of changing the homework, the teacher also had to endure the unpleasant smell emitted by the teacher.

Stall owners: the most popular scent stationery

And in the stationery area of ​​Vantone New World, even though the orange-flavored rubber, creamy ballpoint pen is incense, the crayon with phosphor Bright and dazzling, but they have become the proud products of each booth, almost all the stall owners put these colorful and scented stationery in a conspicuous position.

A stall owner said that because most of the students buy stationery on weekends, he specializes in a batch of scented stationery and various colored highlighters every Friday. “Before you start school, you can sell more than half a box in one morning. & rdquo; The stall owner also said that these stationery design is new, especially popular with girls.

When the investigator opened one of the red-white pens, a pungent smell rushed out. These stationery items are not in Japanese or Korean, nor can they be found in any manufacturer’s name or product description.

Expert: scented stationery will contain toxic chemicals

Beijing University of Chemical Technology Department of Chemistry teacher, phosphor on stationery with a completely synthetic chemicals, and most scented stationery And the correction fluid contains different degrees of toxic chemicals such as phenol, formaldehyde, mercury, and alkane.

For example, the substance that makes the correction fluid dry and harden quickly is very volatile benzene, and all rubbers use benzene to delay aging.

If the concentration of benzene exceeds the standard, the user may experience headache, nausea, inflammation of the eyes, nose and throat, and may cause leukemia.

Related departments: There is no new standard for stationery testing

The investigators also learned that although the environmental protection department will put environmental standards on chemical raw materials that may be used by stationery manufacturers, it is mainly in the inspection process. It is to see whether the pollutant discharge in the production process is up to standard, and there is no specific detection for the chemical residues of stationery.

The Light Industry Product Quality Inspection Station of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision said that the highlighter and correction fluid belong to the new type of stationery. At present, the country has not regulated its testing standards, and whether the chemical substances in it are excessive. Also temporarily unable to check. “But we have not ignored this issue. At present, relevant experts are discussing the issue of standard rules. ”

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