Can the wooden comb comb also prevent computer radiation?

By | July 10, 2019

With the development of information technology, operating computer terminals is almost an inevitable part of modern life. When we enjoy the convenience that computers bring to us, various health problems follow.

According to the survey, commonly used computer people feel eye strain accounted for 83%, sore shoulders back pain accounted for 63.9%, headache and loss of appetite accounted for 56.1% and 54.4%, other adverse reactions also Including autonomic dysfunction, depression, arteriosclerotic psychosis and so on.

The harm of computers to the human body has attracted more and more people’s attention. How to alleviate the damage caused by long-term use of computers has become a very concerned issue for computer operators.

Maintain the correct sitting posture and operating posture. There is no fixed standard for correct sitting posture. It should be suitable for your comfortable sitting posture. Generally, you should follow the “three right angles” principle: the first right angle is formed at the knee of the computer table, and the second right angle is the thigh and the back. The arm forms a third right angle at the elbow joint.

The shoulder blade rests on the back of the chair, the shoulders are lowered, the chin should not be close to the neck, and the distance between the eyes and the screen should be 40 to 50 cm. It is very important to buy a good chair. The ideal computer chair is: the height can be adjusted, the backrest can be adjusted back and forth, the seat is slightly hard, and the height can be bent 90 degrees naturally or slightly forward, and the foot should be placed on the ground; Adding a cushion, the support of the cushion can relax the waist muscles, which can effectively prevent and treat the soreness of the waist.

Tests have found that using the cushions also relaxes the neck muscles and helps prevent and treat cervical spondylosis. Develop the posture and fingering of the correct operation of the computer. The typing should keep the wrist naturally loose. Do not put the wrist on the edge of the console. After working for a long time, you should activate the wrist to relax.

Focus on protecting your vision.

Watching the computer screen for too long, the eyes are prone to fatigue, dryness, congestion, and vision loss. The best way to avoid the above situation is to rest, do not continue to operate, if you are a glasses family, with a pair of suitable glasses is very important.

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