Using eye drops and eye wash will result in dry eye

By | July 9, 2019

Carrying a bottle of eye drops with you, and occasionally picking up two drops, this has become a lot of white-collar eye-protection habits, and time depends on eye drops. . Ophthalmologists reminded that the use of eye drops is very easy to cause eye damage. Office workers may cause dry eye and drug-induced cornea and conjunctivitis due to long-term eye drops.

Most eye drops contain preservatives

Eye drops are harmful to the eyes, in addition to the toxic effects of the drug itself, followed by preservatives. Most eye drops on the market now contain preservatives. Long-term use will damage the cells that can secrete mucus on the ocular surface, change the quality of the tears, destroy the microenvironment of the ocular surface, and eventually lead to ocular surface damage, and even blindness. Experts said that there is no eye drops that have the effect of preventing eye diseases. To protect your eyes, the most important thing is to use the eyes scientifically, so that the eyes work together, and do not abuse eye drops.

Eyewash destroys eye immunity

Miss Zhang, who works at an advertising agency, recently fell in love with a new way of relaxing her eyes. Every time I wash, I feel that the world in front of me is getting clearer. But as long as she doesn’t wash for more than a week, Miss Zhang feels that the front of her eyes seems to cover a mist, and her eyes are particularly dry.

Many doctors do not advocate the use of eye wash, because under normal circumstances, tears contain enzymes that block the bacteria, used to resist the environment of the environment, the normal conjunctival sac can also guarantee the pH of 6.9:7.1, but wash your eyes The liquid changes its pH and destroys its own immunity. Tears are an important factor in maintaining the stability of the ocular surface structure, and no foreign fluid can be simulated.

More than 60% of people wearing contact lenses have eye problems

A series of problems caused by wearing contact lenses have led to more and more patients coming to see them. According to the three-year adjustment table of patients, an eye hospital has about 60% of people wearing contact lenses with different degrees of corneal and conjunctival problems. If not treated in time, it will lead to serious consequences of blindness. Therefore, people who wear contact lenses for a long time should perform eye examinations on a regular and timely basis.

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