Is it the most audible noise when you tap the keyboard?

By | April 14, 2019

British research has found that brakes, elevator sounds, keyboard sounds, and humming are the most overlooked sources of noise, all of which can be hazardous to health.

German doctor Robert · Koch once predicted: “One day, one day, in order to survive, humans will have to fight the noise, just like dealing with cholera and plague. ” The report from the British “New Scientist” once again sounded the alarm. The report pointed out that noise pollution has already directly or indirectly damaged people’s health. Dipak, a professor of audiology at University College London, even said that premature death is also related to noise.

According to the latest statistics, 2% of Europeans continue to have nightmares due to noise pollution, and at least 15% said that noise is bothering them. In this regard, Jin Yinlong, director of the Environmental and Health-related Product Safety Institute of the China CDC, pointed out that noise can affect the nervous system, leading to insomnia and mental paralysis. In addition, it may cause high blood pressure, decreased immunity and hearing loss.

The European Night Noise Guidelines set the limits for exposure to noise. For example, the limit of cardiovascular disease is long-term exposure to 50 decibels at night; the negative impact on children’s learning is 55 decibels; The interference is only 35 decibels. And if you are exposed to sounds above 90 decibels for a long time, it may cause some degree of hearing loss. According to reports, 55 decibels is roughly equivalent to the noise in the lively restaurant, and 75 decibels is equivalent to the noise of the bustling street.

In addition, the experts also pointed out a lot of noise sources in life that are easily overlooked.

Electric car or car brakes. This noise will generally exceed 90 decibels, so it is best not to brake.

Low frequency noise from elevators. That is, sounds with frequencies below 500 Hz, such as noise from elevators, pumps, and boilers. It can reach the ear bones, which may cause sympathetic nervousness, trigger tachycardia, and increase blood pressure.

Knock on the keyboard and make a phone call in an open office. Gary &middot, a professor of environmental analysis at Cornell University in the United States, said that in an open office, even mild noises such as talking, typing on keyboards, and ringing to the phone can have a negative impact on health.

The buzz of a neighbor. Figures from the National Bureau of Statistics show that over the past 20 years, the number of residents’ noise complaints has increased fivefold.

In order to reduce noise pollution, countries have introduced some measures. When renting apartments in Switzerland, showers are not allowed after 10 pm; New York in the United States even stipulates that domestic dogs can only be called for 5 minutes at night and only 10 minutes during the day. In addition, experts pointed out that once there is tinnitus, earache, and unconsciously tend to use one side of the ear when answering the phone, and often do not know what other people are talking about, it should be paid attention to, timely inspection and treatment.

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