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Three major misunderstandings of drinking water are worthy of caution

Xinhuanet Harbin March 22 (Reporter Cheng Zilong) “Although everyone is drinking water every day, not everyone has the knowledge of safe drinking water. A considerable number of people have misunderstandings about safe drinking water. & rdquo; Liu Wei, director of the Food Safety Division of the Heilongjiang Provincial Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision, said… Read More »

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Can toothpaste whiten teeth?

At present, there are many kinds of toothpaste on the market, whitening, anti-mite, hemostasis & hellip; … how to choose a toothpaste that suits you best?  The basic role of toothpaste is to clean the mouth, while whitening, anti-mite, desensitization, hemostasis and other effects are auxiliary. & rdquo; Wang Weijian, director of the Department of… Read More »

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