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Seven nutrients that are most likely to be lost in food

Modern people are becoming more and more healthy, and many people are beginning to reject high-sugar, high-salt or high-fat substances, but the American Nutrition Society believes that excessive dietary health may result in uneven nutrition. According to the latest American Dietary Guidelines, most people are undernourished by seven essential nutrients: calcium, potassium, fiber, magnesium, vitamins… Read More »

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Boiling hot bowl sterilization does not depend on

Many people like to use hot water to boil the bowl before eating, thinking that this can be disinfected. Zhou Qiuying, deputy director of the disinfection supply room of Hangzhou Chinese Medicine Hospital, said that microorganisms of intestinal-borne diseases should be effectively killed by heating at 100 ° C for 3 minutes or at 80… Read More »

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