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Empty stomach, vinegar, laxative, small remedies

In order to deal with annoying constipation, people have found a variety of remedies, many of which are quite effective. The method of drinking sesame oil introduced by this newspaper is one. The empty vinegar to be introduced this time is also very effective. According to Li Wenhai, a professor at Hunan College of Traditional… Read More »

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alert! If the method of shampooing is not correct, it will wash out the disease.

Shampooing is one of the things that MM must do. So, do you have a scientific number of shampooing and shampooing methods? Otherwise, be careful, wash your hair and wash it out. TCM: combing hair with shampoo equally important are each hair sebaceous glands connected thereto continuously secrete sebum. Frequent shampooing can clean excess sebum… Read More »

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