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Washing socks, underwear, do not use washing machine

Recently, according to a sample of washing machines in Beijing, Shanghai and other large cities, the over-standard rate of bacteria is 95.8%, the over-standard rate of coliforms is 37.5%, fungi The over-standard rate was 45.8%, the mold over-standard rate was 60%, and some pathogens such as Pseudomonas aeruginosa were also detected. The washing machine can… Read More »

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Sunscreen does not use the next year’s

Last summer’s sunscreen has not been used up, see the shelf life is still far away, then use it. In fact, in order to ensure a good sunscreen effect, it is best to use up the sunscreen after opening. Sunscreens have a shelf life of two years or three years, but not within the shelf… Read More »

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