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Does high blood pressure eat a lot of fun to affect calcium?

Beijing reader Wang Xinyu asked: I am 63 years old this year. The children are filial and want me to make calcium. It is said to prevent osteoporosis. I have high blood pressure. I usually have a good time. I have heard about it for several years. Hi is a calcium ion antagonist, which is… Read More »

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Four small remedies to solve constipation troubles

1. Sweet potato, pumpkin honey porridge: sweet potato, pumpkin, etc., boiled, add a small amount of honey, drink morning and evening. 2. Fresh leeks leaves smashed, add a small amount of honey, eat 2 spoons in the morning and evening. 3. Fresh figs, fresh white radish, etc. Washed and chopped, smashed with a small amount… Read More »

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