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Seven types of people should not carry out foot bath health care

Xinhuanet Chengdu April 26th (Reporter Ye Jianping, Su Xiaozhou) In recent years, more and more people have chosen Chinese medicine foot bath as a way of health care. Guo Wenqing, deputy secretary-general of the Sichuan Reflexology Association, reminded the public that although traditional Chinese medicine foot baths have certain effects in health care, there are… Read More »

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Do not do “brain disabled”! Improve the three strategies of IQ

In fact, as long as the brain is stimulated and the brain cells are activated, you can easily stimulate your brain! Who says that smart is born? Come and learn simple brain stimulation now, let your IQ and EQ rise straight up, and your head will be more agile. >> Brain Charging 6 small ways… Read More »

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