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Eating scorpions pays attention to “one high and two low”

With the approach of the Dragon Boat Festival in the fifth day of the fifth lunar month, various kinds of scorpions attract people, meat stuffing, fruit filling, jujube filling, chestnut filling, egg yolk filling, etc. The dazzling array of people is dazzling. So, how can you eat scorpions in order to enjoy the delicious and… Read More »

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The body’s 10 major allergens are all “exposing”

Normal people have a physiological protective immune response system. When foreign substances (also known as antigens), such as certain pathogenic bacteria, invade the human body, the human body can produce immunoglobulin through immune lymphocytes. And or digest it. There are many substances that make people allergic, such as: pollen, mites, and tidbits. For people who… Read More »

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