Daily Archives: March 3, 2019

Listening to music for a long time and high volume hearing

Today, all kinds of portable players are booming, MP3, MP4 and music phones have made our life more and more exciting, and our hearing is getting weaker and weaker. . Some studies have pointed out that in Europe alone, listening to loud music will cause up to 10 million people to face permanent hearing loss.… Read More »

What is the cold weather and high blood sugar? What is the response?

With the drop in temperature, the rate of outpatients with diabetes in the endocrinology departments of major hospitals has increased significantly in recent years, and there are no shortage of patients with diabetes acidosis. In the clinic, there are many patients in winter every year, and if the blood sugar is not too high, there… Read More »

Be alert! These 8 kinds of foods are not cooked more than arsenic.

Life is often able to see the news of “food poisoning”. These poisonous foods are not unpopular vegetables and fruits, but often everyone is The food that is often eaten on the table. These common foods are easy to cause poisoning, mostly because they are not cooked, so everyone must be vigilant, don’t accidentally suffer!… Read More »