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50 Healthy Gifts Under $50

1 of 52 Healthy, on a budget by Alyssa Sparacino Finding just the right gift can be tough. There’s the friend who has everything, the partner who says he wants nothing, and the in-laws who always return your presents anyway. But we’re here to help! We’ve got suggestions for nearly everyone on your list (OK,… Read More »

9 Pampering Gifts For a Friend Who Needs To Chill

1 of 11 Gifts to help her relax by Chelsea Burns and Leslie Barrie A gift certificate for a day at the spa is an obvious way to treat someone who could stand to relax a little, but if she’s really time-strapped, there’s a good chance that gift will just gather dust in a desk… Read More »

10 Must-Have Gifts for Anyone Who Loves Tea

1 of 12 Tea up by Leslie Barrie Tea lovers are smart—the relaxing brew provides a host of health benefits. In one study, just a few daily cups of black tea was associated with a 31% lower risk of ovarian cancer (compared to one cup or none at all), and other research has shown that… Read More »