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14 Fascinating Things All Women Should Know About Orgasms

1 of 17 Own your orgasm by Camille Noe Pagan When you’re deep in the throws of “Yes… YESSS!” passion, you’re probably not giving all that much thought to watch mysterious and wonderful things orgasms are. But when you’re less, well, preoccupied, you might be interested to know that there’s some pretty amazing stuff going… Read More »

Is Obamacare’s ‘Bronze trap’ widening?

Jed Graham, a meticulous critic of various aspects of the ACA, charges that as the tax penalty assessed to Americans who remain uninsured ratchets up, it will club millions of low-income people into high-deductible Bronze plans that will do them little good. Along with a criticism of ACA design, Graham’s broadside can be read as… Read More »