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Health Wonk Review for March 26, 2015

Jennifer Salopek over at Wing of Zock says the latest edition of Health Wonk Review is all about taking a break to read a little health policy. (Wait? There people out there who don’t follow health policy 24/7?) Anyway, the Spring Break theme makes sense to us for another reason. It seems like there’s finally… Read More »

Running With Your Dog: 17 Dos and Don’ts

1 of 19 Man’s best workout buddy by Amanda MacMillan Your dog may be the ultimate exercise partner. Think about it: dogs are always eager to spend more time with you, they have plenty of excess energy to burn, and temptation to skip a scheduled sweat session melts away when your furry friend stands at… Read More »

How I Crowdsourced My Health Issue

In recent years, I’ve turned to Facebook and Twitter friends for advice on everything from finding the best sushi restaurants to handling relatives gone bonkers. So when I was stricken with one of the most debilitating conditions I have ever experienced, I did the logical, 2015 thing: I crowdsourced my frozen shoulder. About a year… Read More »