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7 Safe Off-Label Uses for Over-the-Counter Meds

1 of 12 Drugstore hacks From Health magazine It’s 10 p.m. You’re brushing your teeth in front of the mirror and notice the beginnings of a pesky pimple. No zit cream? No problem! Coat it with a bit of toothpaste and it may be gone by morning. “Unorthodox uses of over-the-counter products can solve a… Read More »

Hating ‘Obama’ but loving the ‘Care’

As we head into the final week of 2015 open enrollment (assuming no surprise extension period, of course), there are some clear enrollment trends developing … and they’re separated distinctly by results in blue and red states. And sure, anyone might have predicted a division in outcomes, but what I’m finding is essentially the opposite… Read More »